AHK Meets Business News Editors in Nairobi

07.02.19 AHK Kenia - News-Hauptkategorie, News

AHK has met with Nairobi Business news Editors to foster positive relations and information sharing.

AHK Kenya has held a breakfast meeting with business news editors of major media firms in Nairobi with the aim of building a relationship for ease of information dissemination. The editors met with AHK Kenya leadership at our offices and had a chance to gain key insights into Kenyan-German business relations. Furthermore, as AHK grows in Eastern Africa through AHK Services LTD, Ethiopia and Tanzania, among the other East African countries continue to show promise for German companies looking to set up or expand operations.   

In 2018, AHK revealed the results of the World Business Outlook Survey, conducted amongst the German Business community in Kenya, which pointed out that there are challenges for German companies doing business in Kenya. However, a majority of German companies are still keen on Kenya as a market. 73% of the 41 companies who participated in the survey expressed positive expectations for their local business activities. However, 65% did point out that the local business environment poses the highest risk to business operations.

The Kenyan business landscape has been evolving since the conclusion of the 2017 General Elections. The country has effected new policies and regulations with the aim of blocking substandard products from entering the country while curbing illicit trade. Unfortunately, the parameters and enforcement of some of these new regulations has not been clear, and has affected some legitimate businesses. In addition, corruption continues to be a hamper in the efforts of business operations in the country.

“German companies want to ensure business process compliance as soon as possible! However, if the rules are unclear or change midway, this can become a real challenge to operations.”, said Daniella Pleitz, Chairlady of the German Business Association (GBA). GBA is a 155 member strong organization which is working closely with the AHK.

Responding to a question from the editors on what Kenya can do to stay ahead of the other East African countries to maintain interest from German businesses, AHK Country Director, Maren-Diale Schellschmidt pointed out that curbing corruption and irregularities in the enforcement of the laws would be of great help. “However, it is important to note that even with these challenges, Kenya is still a very attractive market. It is the first choice for organizations which want to set up a regional office. But as competition is mounting from emerging economies in Eastern Africa, Kenya will have to step up to stay ahead.”