Specialized Food Processing and Packaging Training Now Available in Nairobi

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VDMA and Centurion partner to offer capacity building with Kenyan companies in the Food Processing and Packaging sector.

The Mechanical Engineering Industry Association (VDMA) has hosted Kenyan food production and packaging industry representatives to a Hygiene Processing and Packaging Workshop in Nairobi supported by AHK Kenya. Working under the theme, Skilled Workers for Kenya, VDMA aims to provide specialized vocational training in partnership with Centurion Systems to standardize best practices for large scale food production, packaging and handling. More than 66 attending participants expressed great concern and interest in how their organizations can tackles issues such as;

  • Plant and technology sanitation 
  • Staff negligence 
  • Retailer mishandling of products once supplied 
  • Counterfeit products
  • Supplier monopoly leading to dependence even after incidents of contamination 
  • End-to-end supply chain management 
  • Cost of ISO certification versus licensing for small to medium sized businesses
  • Environment friendly practices and technology  

“We are building up the capacity with Kenyan companies! Not just selling the technology.”, said Richard Clemens, the Food Processing and Packaging Managing Director at VDMA, while speaking at the workshop. With 3,200 members, VDMA is the largest industry association in Germany. The Food Processing and Packaging Machinery Association under VDMA has 300 predominantly medium-sized companies dealing in baking machinery, dairy technology, confectionery machinery, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics.

The Kenya Public Health Act Cap. 242 provides very structured regulations for food, beverage, milk and meat processors in the country. Adhering to these laws is a challenge for many Kenyan organizations due to the difficulty in process standardization. Food processing, handling and packaging is a very delicate business which requires the best practices. Failure to follow to local regulations or negligence by even one staff member may cost your organization millions and a brand name.

In March 2018, a Tiger Brands Enterprise Foods facility in Polokwane, South Africa, was named the source of a Listeria outbreak which led to the deaths of 180 people. This also led to the recall of polony brands and suspension of operations in two plants. This unfortunate incident cost the organization massive financial losses not to mention tainted the organization in a way which affects customer trust to date. 

The Official Representative of the German Economy in Kenya!
VDMA is a proud partner and beneficiary of AHK Kenya services. We offer demand driven market research, business or product launch support, project implementation support, trade delegation visits, business networking and support facilitating  vocational training for teams. We will soon launch vocational training in Hospitality Industry Services and System Electronics. 

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