The Startup Exposure Trip 2017

46 startups from 4 continents and 16 different countries in the fields of Internet of Things/ Industry 4.0, Logistics/ mobility and Energy converged for a 7-day exciting journey through the most exciting startup hotspots in Germany.

Berlin 14th-16th October 2017.

The stay in Berlin was characterized by informal networking sessions where the participating startups got to know each other. Telefonica Basecamp hosted one of the networking events and introduced ‘Geeny Community’ which is an open and transparent Internet of Things ecosystem for companies and developers.The weekend was crowned by a 2.5 hour city tour of Berlin. The participants learned about the rich history of Berlin and had the chance to see the remnants of the Berlin wall which was a surprise to many as they did not imagine that parts of the wall still existed.

Monday October 16th was the official beginning of the Startup! Germany Tour. The participating Startups met the organizers and partners of the exposure trip at the ‘House of German Business’ which is the headquarter of the Association of German Chambers of Commerce and Industry. The organizers and partners then had a panel discussion about the Berlin Startup ecosystem and addressed questions raised by various startups.

The participating startups were later on split into groups depending on their fields and went to different locations for industry meet-ups. Energy/ Energy efficient startups went to EUREF Campus, logistics/ mobility to Deutsche Bahn mindbox whereas Internet of Things/ Industry 4.0 went to SAP Data space. All the startups were required to do a 3-minute pitch to present their business case in front of experts from their specific fields, answer questions that arose and got feedback on their pitches. After the pitches there was networking and speed dating.


Hamburg 17th-18th October 2017.

The Chamber of Commerce Hamburg welcomed the participating startups to the port city of Hamburg. Experts from the renowned Hamburg Copyright and Property Protection Unit provided useful insights on ‘how to protect your business idea’. The participants learnt that due to the economic freedom everyone enjoys, imitation of their products from is allowed and what should be protected is the trademark which includes names and logos of products.

Other topics were; how a successful cooperation between old and new economy can be achieved. The startups learned how to see changes and understood how they can successfully approach cooperates. Then startups had the opportunity to sit back and have the corporates compete for their attention, called pitch reverse. Companies that presented themselves were Philips, Airbus, Deutsche Bahn, among others. The international entrepreneurs could see what the corporates had to offer in case of cooperation and financing followed by a session of speed dating.

Lufthansa Technik, a subsidiary of Deutsche Lufthansa AG and a leading provider of maintenance, repair and overhaul for aircraft and its engines gave a tour of their company’s different units. Selected startups had the chance to pitch as Lufthansa is expanding and may need some technology from startups.

Dinner on a vessel while touring Hamburg tour while learning its history was the perfect way to wrap up the stay in the city of Hamburg.

 Ruhr Area 18th-20th October 2017.

Final destination of the Exposure trip; the startups were received by the Chamber of Commerce Dortmund. Business developers and investors from various industries gave a talk on the new opportunities for international startups ad companies.

The participating startups were once again split into groups depending on their area of focus and dispersed to different locations. Energy/ Energy efficiency left for Innogy; a company that operates distribution networks, distributes energy and generates electricity from renewable energies. Industry 4.0/ Internet of Things were hosted at Wilo; a worldwide leading company in the pump industry.  Logistics/ Mobility were at Starbuzz; an independent accelerator for startups that focus on digital commerce and logistics. The startups had another opportunity to pitch in their respective categories and the first two startups from each category got the opportunity to pitch at the international summit. The winners of the different sub-sectors were;

Internet of Things/ Industry 4.0

·         GoEpic-Russia

·         Marvelmind-Brazil

Energy/ Energy Efficiency

·         Citizengage-India

·         Solar sister-Nigeria

Logistics/ Mobility

·         Shipvio- Czech Republic

·         RoboCV- Russia

The International Day of the Ruhr Summit took place on Friday, 20th October. It was a day full of individual meetings, panel discussions and the finals for the international pitch that six of the startups contested in. AHK representatives from Brazil, Spain, Kenya and Israel pitched their respective countries and answered questions regarding the startup scene.

In the afternoon the big pitching competition with the finalist from Germany and the international startups happened. After six interesting pitches the jury announced the winner:

And the winners were;

·         Winner: Solar sister (Nigeria)

·         1st runners up-Marvelmind (Russia)

·         2nd runners up- Citizengage (India)