FlexPay Technologies offers an automated, reliable and accurate lay-by purchase platform which enables customers to afford goods and services conveniently by paying in flexible payments. Through Flexpay, customers can make payments towards the intended products or services over a stipulated time-frame.

The current layby process in Africa is all manual. Making it inconvenient and time consuming for both the merchant and the customer. For instance, customers have to visit stores anytime they want to make a payment. From a merchant’s perspective, all sales have to be recorded manually in hard copy receipts, books, or in computer excel sheets. FlexPay closes this gap by providing a secure system that manages this purchase process. The FlexPay payment solution allows customers to make payments conveniently via an SMS-based platform, over a stipulated period of time. Currently, Flexpay has enrolled 40 stores in Kenya, with a target to hit 100 stores by the end of the year.

Contact: Johnson Gituma


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Africartrack sells devices that are installed inside vehicles to help reduce vehicle crime and accidents.

1. Stops drunk driving - The police and the vehicle owner receive a notification on their phones once the driver tries to drive the vehicle while drunk. The system detects the alcohol in the driver’s breath automatically, switches off the car and notifies the vehicle owner and/or the police.

2. Stops over-speeding vehicles – The vehicle owner and/or the police receive a notification when the driver is over-speeding.

3. Sharp cornering notification – The police and/or the vehicle owner receive a notification when a driver is taking sharp corners carelessly.

 4. Replays road accidents after they have happened showing how the accident happened, which side of the vehicle was hit, whether the driver was driving carelessly or not.

 5. Enables the owner to stop a vehicle from the mobile phones in case it is stolen.

 6. Parked car immobilizer – Enables vehicle owners to immobilize their vehicles once they park them or at night from their mobile phones. No one can ignite the vehicle even with the original key unless the owner authorizes it from their phones.

7. Parked car calling the owner – If someone tries to steal any part from a parked vehicle, the vehicle detects this and automatically calls the owner.

Contact: Jacob Rugano, Co-Founder and Business Development Director


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Mega Gas

Mega Gas refines unsorted polythene/plastic waste through a clean process with no emissions, no residue and no pollution to the environment. Mega Gas harvests gaseous fuel for Cooking, which we fill in ordinary gas cylinders and sell to our clients. Mega Gas also harvests a Red liquid fuel (Petrol) and a golden yellow liquid fuel (Super fine petrol). Both fuels are much more affordable and sustainable. It selsl the liquid fuels to the local motor cycles Riders (Bodaboda) at 50/= kshs per litre.

Mega Gas employed 24 workers who work in the fuels and in the workshop. The liquid fuel gives the local Taxi and motorcycle operators a higher profit margin compared to the traditional fuels. The gaseous is becoming cheaper option to biomass fuels. The gaseous fuel is clean, sustainable.

The Value proposition is anchored around the fact that we offer clean gas at an affordable rate to the users.

Contact: Peter Njeri, Founder

+254 701 063 018

Micro-Cap Holdings Ltd.

Micro-Cap Holdings is an institution that provides innovative solutions to the segment at the bottom of pyramid. Farming sector is faced with many challenges resulting from both pre, during and post harvests. Dairy farmers suffer post-harvest losses from faulting weighing from their dairy cooperatives or other milk vendors.

Micro-cap holdings provides electronic weighing scales fitted mobile app that ensures farmers milk is properly weighted and information stored for credit purpose. This solution help solve both losses arising from wrong milk weights and financial exclusion by financial service providers.

Contact: Philip Kisabit, Chief Executive Officer


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Usalama Tech Group Ltd.

Usalama is a platform that links victims of emergencies to emergency service providers in a fast an efficient manner using real time data and an integrated web based response portal at the providers end. It is the creation of the Usalama Tech Group Limited.

Our market includes; private security firms, ambulance service providers, road rescue companies, gender violence response agents and institutions of higher learning. In Kenya, there are more than 5,000 emergency service providers and over 40 institutions of higher learning. We charge our clients based on the number of users they would like to have using the platform.  The prices range from $100 to $2870.

We aim at creating resource efficiency for emergency service providers.

We are currently earning revenue from the two onboarded service providers.

Contact: James Chege, Marketing Director and Developer


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Genexe Engineering Ltd.

Key Focus: Energy Efficient Stove manufacturing; Key product breakdown: Stoves of capacities ranging from 20 - 600 liters


Customer segment: Institutional & Domestic Users; Value proposition: Efficient and Healthy cooking.

Cost: Human & Raw Materials; Delivery mode: Direct Sales.

Client relationship: Long term.

Key activity: Fabrication & sale of Energy Efficient Stoves. Revenue: Sale of the Energy Saving Stoves

Value addition: We help in addressing the Sustainable Development Goals as follows: Poverty alleviation, Access to affordable and sustainable renewable Energy, Mitigating against Climate Change contributors, Ensuring healthy lives and promoting well- being of people, Empowering Women, Promote sustainable exploitation of a natural Resource

Clients: The regional clientele base is spanning Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, South Sudan & Rwanda.

Partners: CO2 Balance, Ogra Foundation, Omega Foundation; Stage of development: Startup stage but highly scalable

Contact: Francis Jura, Founder and Director


+254 722 119 774