Peter Mwangi - Mega Gas

“Before I delve into the core Points of my Testimonial, kindly allow to extend my appreciation to AHK, GIZ and all the partners for such an opportunity to tour Germany all-expense paid. Much appreciation.

Am a Leader and I believe that True Leaders never graduate from the school of learning, rather they keep on pushing their boundaries; The Trip gave me an opportunity to learn a lot and I can't crystallize all of the lessons in this Testimonial.

Secondly, I picked many things that I can bring to Kenya, so many ideas that can be replicated here in Kenya, of course I learnt from all areas, AI, Big Data, but specifically in the Energy sector I was impressed e.g. in our company we have a waste collection branch, where we collect from people houses. From The Trip I learnt that we can fix Sensors in the Bins and through the App we can know when the Bins are full. This will make our works easier and automated. At Mega Gas, we have a new innovation where we will begin producing electricity and sell it to the National Grid, in Germany we found potential partners from South Korea that we can partner in this area.

We had amazing speakers in different Forums and I learnt a lot, I specifically loved The MEGATRENDS Session at The Ruhr summit, it was amazing.

The Trips to Lufthansa and The port of Hamburg were life transforming (How do you automate a port? Oh my! Can we do that in Kenya?). The Lufthansa trip was special, I lack words to explain the feeling.

The Lessons are immense and I can't jolt then in this one sitting (We can talk over coffee).

We also met many potential investors that are interested in our Innovation and we hope to close some deals as soon as New Year so that we can continue to transform our country.

Apart from potential investors, we found many friends that might give money but want to help us in making our innovation better; this was humbling.

Through the Trip we found potential partners from India, Nigeria, Poland etc. that will hopefully replicate our innovation in their Countries and they have committed to this.

Being in Germany, really opened my perspective to the World, I need to travel so that I can meet new cultures and innovations. I learnt about the German people and their culture and many things, this was amazing.

I made friends, I loved every moment with new people and I believe that these are life time friends like Mr. Dmitri from Belarus and Tobias from Spain and many more.

The Trip also showed me as a Kenyan how our country can be better if our systems work well and free of corruption. I was impressed with the Germans government system.

This was a Trip of a life time to me, it will stay for me forever, it marked a new era of innovation in my own life and an understanding of Globalization.

I can talk forever so let me stop there at the moment.

Let's raise a glass."

James Chege - Usalama Tech Group

“The exposure trip experience was a fantastic one! I was pleased to attract meetings from top companies like Airbus and Phillips. Also I got some connections from South Africa who will further assist in business development and scaling to other countries.”

Francis Jura - Genexe Engineering

"The trip to Germany was such a huge eye opener to me, both as an Entrepreneur and at a personal level too! I must admit that being my first ever visit to Europe, there was a little bit of culture shock and many moments of awe! What will forever stand out in my mind is the efficient public transportation system!

Notable moments included the exposure to the startup ecosystem in Germany and the many lessons that came along with that. I managed to network with a number of German startups and Firms, notably Betterharvest  GmbH with whom we are currently in touch concerning possible areas of cooperation. I managed to network with Startups from other Countries too and have since gotten in touch with a Russian one, exploring possible avenues of cooperation as well. 

The international mix comprising about 48 people from 16 or so different Countries, was the biggest single gathering of entrepreneurs and startups that I've ever had the benefit of interacting with! Through the gathering, I learned of numerous online competitions and fora that have a direct bearing and impact on my business. 

Was mightily impressed by the concerted efforts by the Country to go green and was even pleasantly surprised that there are places where the dream has already been achieved! The synergies coming out of #TeamKenya too, bonding having been made better during the trip will also go long way in helping me grow my startup. 

With the connection between ourselves and Enactus Bayreuth, we are sure to gain more traction in Tanzania as we collaborate with them in their Project due to commence in Tanzania any time soon. We are in communication with a number of other German Firms too and hope to be able to work out a form of Technology Transfer with regard to commercial production of Briquettes from Bagasse, an abundantly and readily available Raw Material so that we may pioneer a serious fuel changeover among both domestic and Institutional Clients! 

We at Genexe Engineering are truly grateful to the Delegation of German Industry and Commerce for the Startup Tour of Germany and look forward to possible future cooperation opportunities in the energy sector and other areas that may arise.”