Elections 2017 - Supreme Court Annuls Electoral Victory

05.09.17 AHK Kenia - News-Hauptkategorie, Activities

Peaceful Protests and Celebrations all over the country

On 8th August 2017 Uhuru Kenyatta repeatedly won the presidential election of Kenya. Raila Odinga, the candidate of the opposition party, refuted the election outcome and brought the case to court. As a result the Supreme Court annulled the presidential election on the 1st September and imposed new elections within 60 days. Reasons for the repeal stated by the court are, amongst others, statutory violations such as the manipulation of the electrical process for tallying and transmitting results in favor of Uhuru Kenyatta.

According to Odinga it was “a historic day for the people of Kenya, and by extension the people of Africa”. Never before in Africa had a presidential election been invalidated by court order. Uhuru Kenyatta addressed the nation by proclaiming that he is not in consent with the decision, but he is willing to accept and respect it. The President also urged the people to take the judgment peacefully:

“The court has made its decision. We respect it. We don’t agree with it. And again, I say peace … peace, peace, peace. That is the nature of democracy.”

Right after the proclamation of the court ruling Odinga’s supporters went outside to advertise their joy. The streets of Nairobi were filled with dancing and rejoicing people. During and after the elections in August the protest marches of the opposing parties were very frequent. On this day, however, people took it to the streets and peacefully commemorated together.

On the following day Kenya had already gone back to everyday life. There were no reports about civil commotions - neither from the capital, nor from the surrounding regions. The parties have also already started with their campaigning as the Nation patiently awaits the second elections, which will take place on the 17th October.