Fact Finding Mission

One of our most effective services that often leads to long-lasting business partnerships is known as Fact Finding Mission. This service entails a comprehensive, all-around carefree package of a business trip to your target market(s) organized by AHK Kenya specifically to your needs. Our extensive contact ties locally and comprehensive knowledge of the target market as well as permanent chaperonage throughout the process – preparation, conduction, follow-up – of your business trips guarantees high success rates for a successful market entry.

Our services include: 

  • Identification of potential business partners locally (on feedback basis with your company)
  • Preparation of a comprehensive and individualized program for your business trip
  • Arrangement of business meetings with companies and/or institutions (itinerary, transport, etc.)
  • Individual Briefing & Provision of business itinerary, relevant background information, etc.
  • Permanent accompaniment by an AHK employee to all meetings throughout your business trip (introduction at meetings, organizational issues, background information on sector specific and/or cultural aspects)
  • Optionally also the organization of presentation events at local venues – inviting sector-specific key players for you to reach out to a large audience (30-50 people) by presenting your products/services
  • Other services according to your individual needs

In case of any questions or remarks, please do not hesitate to contact Chris Wegner, Project Manager, directly to provide you with further relevant and more detailed information.


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Manager for Projects and Services

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