Africartrack sells devices that are installed inside vehicles to help reduce vehicle crime and accidents.

1. Stops drunk driving - The police and the vehicle owner receive a notification on their phones once the driver tries to drive the vehicle while drunk. The system detects the alcohol in the driver’s breath automatically, switches off the car and notifies the vehicle owner and/or the police.

2. Stops over-speeding vehicles – The vehicle owner and/or the police receive a notification when the driver is over-speeding.

3. Sharp cornering notification – The police and/or the vehicle owner receive a notification when a driver is taking sharp corners carelessly.

 4. Replays road accidents after they have happened showing how the accident happened, which side of the vehicle was hit, whether the driver was driving carelessly or not.

 5. Enables the owner to stop a vehicle from the mobile phones in case it is stolen.

 6. Parked car immobilizer – Enables vehicle owners to immobilize their vehicles once they park them or at night from their mobile phones. No one can ignite the vehicle even with the original key unless the owner authorizes it from their phones.

7. Parked car calling the owner – If someone tries to steal any part from a parked vehicle, the vehicle detects this and automatically calls the owner.

Contact: Jacob Rugano, Co-Founder and Business Development Director


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