FlexPay Technologies offers an automated, reliable and accurate lay-by purchase platform which enables customers to afford goods and services conveniently by paying in flexible payments. Through Flexpay, customers can make payments towards the intended products or services over a stipulated time-frame.

The current layby process in Africa is all manual. Making it inconvenient and time consuming for both the merchant and the customer. For instance, customers have to visit stores anytime they want to make a payment. From a merchant’s perspective, all sales have to be recorded manually in hard copy receipts, books, or in computer excel sheets. FlexPay closes this gap by providing a secure system that manages this purchase process. The FlexPay payment solution allows customers to make payments conveniently via an SMS-based platform, over a stipulated period of time. Currently, Flexpay has enrolled 40 stores in Kenya, with a target to hit 100 stores by the end of the year.

Contact: Johnson Gituma


+254 723 005 304