Key Focus: Energy Efficient Stove manufacturing; Key product breakdown: Stoves of capacities ranging from 20 - 600 liters


Customer segment: Institutional & Domestic Users; Value proposition: Efficient and Healthy cooking.

Cost: Human & Raw Materials; Delivery mode: Direct Sales.

Client relationship: Long term.

Key activity: Fabrication & sale of Energy Efficient Stoves. Revenue: Sale of the Energy Saving Stoves

Value addition: We help in addressing the Sustainable Development Goals as follows: Poverty alleviation, Access to affordable and sustainable renewable Energy, Mitigating against Climate Change contributors, Ensuring healthy lives and promoting well- being of people, Empowering Women, Promote sustainable exploitation of a natural Resource

Clients: We have a regional clientele base spanning Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, South Sudan & Rwanda.

Partners: CO2 Balance, Ogra Foundation, Omega Foundation; Stage of development: Startup stage but highly scalable

Contact: Francis Jura, Founder and Director


+254 722 119 774