Mega Gas

We refine unsorted polythene/plastic waste through a clean process with no emissions, no residue and no pollution to the environment. We harvest gaseous fuel for Cooking, which we fill in ordinary gas cylinders and sell to our clients.

We also harvest a Red liquid fuel (Petrol) and a golden yellow liquid fuel (Super fine petrol). Both fuels are much more affordable and sustainable. We sell the liquid fuels to the local motor cycles Riders (Bodaboda) at 50/= kshs per litre.

We have employed 24 workers who work in the fuels and in the workshop. Our liquid fuel gives our local Taxi and motorcycle operators a higher profit margin compared to the traditional fuels. Our gaseous is becoming cheaper option to biomass fuels. Our gaseous fuel is clean, sustainable.

Our Value proposition is anchored around the fact that we offer clean gas at an affordable rate to our users.

Our Start up is in the expansion Stage. We are already in Production and we have our products.

Contact: Peter Njeri, Founder

+254 701 063 018