Francis Jura - Genexe Engineering

"The trip to Germany was such a huge eye opener to me, both as an Entrepreneur and at a personal level too! I must admit that being my first ever visit to Europe, there was a little bit of culture shock and many moments of awe! What will forever stand out in my mind is the efficient public transportation system!

Notable moments included the exposure to the startup ecosystem in Germany and the many lessons that came along with that. I managed to network with a number of German startups and Firms, notably Betterharvest  GmbH with whom we are currently in touch concerning possible areas of cooperation. I managed to network with Startups from other Countries too and have since gotten in touch with a Russian one, exploring possible avenues of cooperation as well. 

The international mix comprising about 48 people from 16 or so different Countries, was the biggest single gathering of entrepreneurs and startups that I've ever had the benefit of interacting with! Through the gathering, I learned of numerous online competitions and fora that have a direct bearing and impact on my business. 

Was mightily impressed by the concerted efforts by the Country to go green and was even pleasantly surprised that there are places where the dream has already been achieved! The synergies coming out of #TeamKenya too, bonding having been made better during the trip will also go long way in helping me grow my startup. 

With the connection between ourselves and Enactus Bayreuth, we are sure to gain more traction in Tanzania as we collaborate with them in their Project due to commence in Tanzania any time soon. We are in communication with a number of other German Firms too and hope to be able to work out a form of Technology Transfer with regard to commercial production of Briquettes from Bagasse, an abundantly and readily available Raw Material so that we may pioneer a serious fuel changeover among both domestic and Institutional Clients! 

We at Genexe Engineering are truly grateful to the Delegation of German Industry and Commerce for the Startup Tour of Germany and look forward to possible future cooperation opportunities in the energy sector and other areas that may arise.”