Supply Chain Due Diligence

Global AHK network collaborates to offer certification as “Supply Chain Due Diligence Managers”

Germany has trade ties with many Eastern African countries, particularly with Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda
and Uganda. Key exports to Eastern Africa include machinery, chemicals, and vehicles, while imports to
Germany mainly consist of coffee, tea, spices and other agricultural produce.

Kenya's commitment to ethical business practices was evident with the publication of its National Action
Plan (NAP) on Business and Human Rights in July 2023. This proactive stance positioned Kenya as a model in the region. The African Business and Human Rights Forum in Addis Ababa emphasized the growing discourse on Business and Human Rights Due Diligence (BHR/HRDD) in Africa.

The Indo-German Chamber of Commerce (IGCC) and AHK Eastern Africa, part of the global network of
German Chambers of Commerce Abroad, collaborated to offer trainings, expertise and hands-on tools for
implementation for Eastern African businesses that seek to adopt compliance measures for their Supply
Chain Due Diligence. This initiative aligns with the German Supply Chain Due Diligence Act and the UNGP
on Business and Human Rights. Our team at AHK is now certified as Supply Chain Due Diligence
Managers and able to give ToTs to implementors of SCDD in private companies and to other interested
parties e.g. at associations, cooperations, and other entities.

Through this collaboration, companies established in East Africa or with supply chain ties within the
region gain access to expertise that aligns with compliance requirements of the German Supply Chain
Due Diligence Act. The joint efforts underscore the importance of responsible and sustainable trade
practices in the Eastern Africa region.

The AHK Services Eastern Africa Ltd. is currently establishing regular training offerings to interested and
affected companies. For any queries, please get in touch with the Head of our Competence Centre
Energy, Environment and Sustainable Economy, Hanna Dittmeyer, hanna.dittmeyer(at)