AHK Worldwide

Your reliable partner to business across the globe 

Turning opportunities into success, our worldwide network of German Chambers of Commerce is unrivalled by any other industrial country in the world. The AHK network, builds bridges across nations and economies, cultures and societies. As institutions of German Foreign trade promotion, we advocate for the interests of our partners in business and politics.

Creates new opportunities

We pave way for business throughout Germany and to all regions of the world, as market experts and hosts. The AHK offers business knowledge and experience with those interested in gaining it and possess an ever expanding global network of 150 offices in 93 countries. The AHK network enhances bilateral relationships especially for smaller and mid-sized companies.

Enhancing bilateral economic relationships

The AHK provides the capacity to expand abroad by sharing longstanding local experience. Local teams worldwide, enhance bilateral economic relationships, offer a membership base, and successfully create networks that stabilize economic regions.The AHKs offer companies professional advice and support for the successful establishment and expansion of their business activities abroad. They have many years of experience in foreign markets and support companies as a reliable partner.

AHK Network Worldwide 

Your partner worldwide.