Training of Trainers

The Delegation of German Industry and Commerce for Eastern Africa through AdA International: Vocational Trainer Qualification provides an overarching goal of strengthening pedagogical capacity of vocational and in-company trainers to implement competency based training.

Understanding Training of Trainers

This is particularly important as it translates to highly skilled and employable trainees. The training is oriented according to the German Quality Standards AEVO.

First class dual VET requires properly qualified in-company trainers. Trainers are responsible for planning training content and schedules and for conducting in-company vocational training programmes. Only those persons who have the requisite personal and professional qualifications may provide vocational training.

AHK Services Eastern Africa Limited offers the following train-the-trainer courses:

The required competences are outlined in four areas of activity which follow the structure of their training:

  1. Assess vocational training requirements and plan training
  2. Prepare training and participate in trainee recruitment
  3. Conduct training
  4. Conclude training

Trainer aptitude examination must include assignments from day-to-day practice in all areas of activity.

The examination comprises a written and a practical test. Trainers who pass the examination receive a certificate.