Trade fairs in Germany

Germany is the world's No. 1 trade fair location when it comes to holding international trade fairs. Every year, 160 to 180 international and national trade fairs are held in Germany, with around 180,000 exhibitors and 10 million visitors. Trade fairs in Germany bring together partners from all over the world. They are forums for communication and innovation that reflect the global market. Around two thirds of all global industry trade shows are held in Germany.

Plus points for Germany as a trade fair location

Central Location

German trade fairs guide exhibitors and visitors at the heart of the European Union. With around 500 million consumers and an economic output of around 11.5 trillion euros, the European single market is the largest single market in the industrialized world. Trade fairs in Germany are easy to reach from all the world's economic centers, even outside Europe, thanks to excellent flight connections and the best transport infrastructure.


Most modern exhibition center

In Germany, there are 25 trade fair venues of international or national importance. Their combined hall space amounts to 2.8 million square meters. Architecturally, logistically and technically, the German exhibition centers are well positioned in an international comparison. German trade fair companies invest around 300 million euros annually in optimizing their sites.
Four of the world's eight largest exhibition centers are located in Germany, and ten German exhibition centers have a hall capacity of more than 100,000 square meters. In addition, there are regional trade fair sites with hall space of around 380,000 square meters.


Trade fair concepts in line with market requirements

German trade fairs are geared to the needs of the economy and reflect the importance and innovative strength of the respective industries. The close cooperation between organizers, exhibitors and visitors guarantees market-oriented trade fair concepts and ideal trade fair dates.

Attractive Internationally

The particular competitive advantage of German trade shows is their international appeal: Around 60% of the 180,000 exhibitors each year come from abroad, a third of them from countries outside Europe. Of the 10 million visitors, almost 30% travel from abroad.


German trade fair organizers are experienced in staging international trade fairs. Some of them conduct more than 20 world-leading trade fairs every year. They are organized by experienced experts in every aspect of the trade show business.

High Standards of Additional Services

German organizers offer the exhibiting industry a wide range of services. They support their exhibitors with travel and hotel bookings, press relations and marketing activities and are constantly expanding their range of services. In addition, many trade show organizers install permanent online marketplaces and are thus a competent marketing partner for the exhibiting industry throughout the year.

Price Performance Ratio - Value for money

In international comparison, German trade fairs have moderate stand rental levels. At the same time, the quality and quantity of trade fair visitors are at a high level, so that exhibitors meet many of their potential customers here. The costs per visitor contact are thus favorable in comparison with foreign trade fairs and other media.