Fact Finding

This service entails a comprehensive, all-around carefree package of a business trip to your target market(s) organized by AHK Services Eastern Africa Limited, tailored specifically to your needs.

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What Fact-Findings Entail

  • Identification of potential business partners locally (on feedback basis with your company)
  • Preparation of a comprehensive and individualized program for your business trip
  • Arrangement of business meetings with companies and/or institutions (itinerary, transport, etc.)
  • Individual Briefing & Provision of business itinerary, relevant background information, etc.
  • Permanent accompaniment by an AHK employee to all meetings throughout your business trip (introduction at meetings, organizational issues, background information on sector specific and/or cultural aspects)
  • Optionally also the organization of presentation events at local venues – inviting sector-specific key players for you to reach out to a large audience (30-50 people) by presenting your products/services
  • Other services according to your individual needs