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AHK Eastern Africa and Josef Seibel Africa Ltd. award first Shoe Manufacturing C-Certificates


Cooperation between the Delegation of German Industry and Commerce (AHK Eastern Africa) and Josef Seibel Africa. (JSA) - a renowned German shoe manufacturer, established in 1886, began in 2019 with the inception of a factory in Ukunda, Kenya. AHK Eastern Africa, at that time through the support of the BMWK`s Skills Expert Project, played a pivotal role in translating and adapting the curriculum into English, aligning it with the Kenyan Vocational Training System, and securing accreditation from the Kenya National Qualifications Authority (KNQA) and Technical and Vocational Education and Training Authority (TVETA).

Prior to commencing production in 2021, the company invested considerable efforts in providing intensive training to its Kenyan supervisors in Germany, who subsequently trained the production workers upon their return to Kenya to become shoe manufacturers having the skills to produce high-quality shoes. Scheduled to commence in 2024, the comprehensive training program will span 24 months, culminating in an examination that awards participants a German certificate and a Kenyan Diploma.

But basic training had already started in 2022 which concluded with this C-Certification. Throughout this basic training, a dual approach was adopted, emphasizing practical training in the workplace while simultaneously equipping trainees with the necessary theoretical knowledge to excel in their roles. This unique training methodology ensures an exceptionally high standard of work and product quality, perfectly embodied by the phrase coined by Josef Seibel Africa: "German Quality, Made in Kenya."

To formally recognize this first step of the training, AHK Eastern Africa collaborated with industry experts to develop an examination. This involved establishing an examination board, conducting an examiner workshop, and organizing an examination for 15 trainees at the factory. Although the process posed challenges, all trainees successfully passed the examination, and on June 21, 2023, they were proudly awarded their German C-Certificates in "Shoe Manufacturer – Basic," solidifying their status as experts in the field.

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AHK Eastern Africa and Josef Seibel Africa Ltd. award first Shoe Manufacturing C-Certificates